Friday, April 25, 2008

Casio Exilim Card EX-S100

Casio has today announced its first camera to incorporate ceramic lens technology, which has a higher refractive index and is stronger and thinner than glass. The 3.2 megapixel Casio Exilim Card EX-S100 is made of stainless steel, which gives it a nice heavy feel, and is the smallest 2.8x optical zoom camera in the world, just 17mm thick. A large 2-inch screen dominates the back of the credit card-sized camera, which has no optical viewfinder. It will be priced £349 ($399).

Source & pictures: Courtesy by CASIO

Stylish & Elegant EXILIM CARD pushes the boundaries of design and photography


  • 2.8x optical zoom lens using the world’s first transparent ceramics
  • 3.2 Megapixel CCD
  • Only 16.7 mm ‘thin’ – stylish body that’s the size of a credit card
  • Ultra-thin zoom lens unit and cutting edge technology packed into a body just 16.7 mm in thickness – only 14.2 mm at the thinnest point.
  • Large 2.0 inch digital interface TFT LCD screen for easy viewing
  • Stainless steel body construction, as on all EXILIM CARD series cameras
  • Ex-Fine Blast Treatment surface finish for a brilliant and attractive body
  • Simple and timelessly beautiful body shape
  • Easy to use operation buttons
  • All metal construction, from body and lens down to the screws for a high precision design.
  • Comprehensive design approach for rapid response
  • The camera automatically switches to Auto Pan Focus when the shutter is pressed rapidly
  • Rapid start up allows pictures to be taken approximately 1.4 seconds* after the power is turned on
  • Class-leading shutter release lag time of approx 0.01 seconds*
  • High speed operation; images can be taken at approximately 1.2 second intervals, with high speed image playback of approximately 0.1 seconds between images when scrolling
  • Direct-On function for one touch operation of picture taking or playback modeswith the flash off
Other features
  • Business Shot function compensates for photos taken at an angle and records them as if taken from straight ahead
  • BESTSHOT function allows settings to be selected using sample scene images
  • Auto Macro function enables automatic switching between Macro and AF modes
  • Flash Assist function provides exposure compensation for areas not reached by the flash
  • Icon Help function uses pop-ups to guide the user when switching settings
  • Noise Reduction Processing makes night scenes more beautiful
  • Photostand feature allowing a slide slideshow of images while the camera sits in its cradle.
  • USB cradle also functions as a battery charger